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Engage potential leads and boost repeat custom.

email marketing.

elevate your brand with personalised marketing

Developing a purposeful email marketing campaign for your target customers allows you to speak directly to them about the great things happening with your business and identify their interests with your brand, increasing the chances of more sales conversions to help you grow.

plan, initiate, and conquer.
Our team work closely with you to understand what your customers expect from your brand and how we can build a scalable e-marketing plan to share your offerings to them directly and purposefully.
We will develop engaging email content and designs to communicate your message and grab your customers attention as soon as your email lands in their inbox – we know how to make them go ‘wow’.
Using the information that you know about your customers, we can tailor customer experiences to ensure that your customers only receive relevant emails from you and increase the responses to call to actions in your e-marketing.
Understand which email format is most effective with your customers with our A/B testing process which helps you maximise the success rate of your campaign when ready to distribute.
Cover all ground to keep the interest of your customers right from the start of your campaign without lifting a finger. Our team setup all the necessary stages to incentives further engagement with customers across all possible user journeys.
Be hands on or hands off with the assistance of us by your side – we can take care of everything from planning and creating, to distribution and reporting. Choose the level of support that suits your business to keep campaigns progressing seamlessly.

what you can expect:

campaign strategy and planning
We review your comms plan and look at how to maximise the outreach of your target audiences for each email campaign.
custom email design and templates
Our creative and development team will craft engaging email designs that bring your announcement and action together through striking content and strong UX design.
Add the spark to your wording whilst keeping your brand tone throughout your communication. Our copywriting service allows you to keep consistency with your brand guidelines at all times.
contact integration
Bring together your database of contact leads who want to keep in touch with your business and make sure they're the first to know about the exciting things happening within your brand.
A/B testing
We use effective A/B testing with a small selection of your contacts to measure the impact of one email approach against the other, ensuring your main distribution has maximum potential.
We provide insight into the impact that each distribution of emails has had with your contacts, allowing us to measure the success rate and how to take your next campaign even further.
email automation
Our strategy team will prepare each campaign with email triggers to make sure your subscribers are incentivised to interact with your brand based on their behaviours.
landing pages
We build landing pages to accompany your email campaign that help increase sales conversions and interactions with your brand that add the VIP-factor for your subscribers.
turn leads in to customers
your benefits
Email marketing remains the most effective way to convert leads into sales, and by working with our team, we'll add the extra gear to your campaign to make it leave a long-lasting effect on your customers to want more.

Our strategic approach allows us to absorb your brand ethos and fully understand who your customers are, what they're looking for from your business and how we can make you stand out from your competitors.
make your next campaign awesome.
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