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how to make your brand appear more attractive to your audience.

18th May 2020


Great brands don't exist without attention to detail in certain areas of their strategy which help increase and retain engagement with audiences. Many times, we see brands shooting in the dark to try and be the best in their industries and failing time and time again because they've not invested time in two integral areas that make the biggest impact that only gets better over time.

When working on a brand strategy, there's many areas that you need to have a strong understanding of and cement a case for your brand to drive forward with. This is fantastic, but if you have missed the core questions of asking yourself 'what are the qualities that set us apart from the rest' and 'how do we turn the eyes of our audience to us and keep them looking this way' then the rest can be left vulnerable to constantly change frequently, thus making your brand less sturdier than you think.

so how do you take care of the important areas?

Know your strengths, and don't be afraid of your weaknesses.

It's always good to start with a strength and weakness table when looking at your qualities. You do this to easily visualise what you do superbly and what you either don't do or could do better. By seeing these set out before you, you can begin building your value and vision statements that can be communicated to your audience.

The strength list will help create your brand values - you know what you stand for, what you're good at providing and why you're offering is beneficial to your audience.

The weakness list comes into play to build a vision statement - you do this by turning the weakness areas into something you aspire to work towards as a brand over time. This doesn't have to include everything, it's not always healthy to try and cover every little area that you can, but by pin pointing areas that do compliment the strengths are always purposeful to include in your brand mantra. By communicating this to your audience, it gives your brand deeper qualities than most others out there.

what does it take to leave an everlasting impression?

be consistent, be professional, be helpful, and be honest.

Starting with the last point, honesty, you'll resonate much more with people purely on this working on this point alone. People like to hear a genuine voice behind a brand, and there's nothing more genuine than honesty that builds trust in no time. This leads us back to the vision statement in your brand - by being open about how you endeavour to grow towards your aspirations allows people to join that journey and grow towards it with you. It's a powerful approach to say the least.

The other 3 areas come with good in-house management and a plan of how you want your audience to see your brand day to day. No one will remember you from advert to advert if the tone is ever-changing and the messages aren't consistent in your call to action. Define your purpose of what you wish to achieve in your campaigning, make it your goal to work towards reaching your aims, and look at how you’re maintaining the expectations of your audience once you begin to see the crowds gather around you. Simply by using this method, you're helping your audience understand exactly what you're all about - you're reliable and you're considerate.

Together, having purposeful values and goals accompanied with a strategy to penetrate your market, you put yourself in an elevated position to be more attractive than your market competition.