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cms solutions & custom development.

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cms solutions & custom development.

awesome. CMS solutions:

custom cms development.
Your end-to-end solution is built from scratch. You get what’s best for your business, unlike some CMS development agencies that simply repackage existing software with a few extra plugins.
cms integration.
We can create and connect widgets, modules, portals and APIs that enable seamless integration between your CMS and other workflows. This could be a link between Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, other customer relationship management software or social media publishing tool.
wordpress cms development.
WordPress is a popular and powerful off-the-shelf CMS. Are you are using WordPress CMS, but are disappointed by the functionality on offer? We can add features to integrate and improve your existing solution, rather than a complete system overhaul.
enterprise cms development.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are designed for large organisations with specialist needs such as workflow management, user roles and collaboration. awesome. can configure third-party solutions and provide you with a product that’s good to go.
cms strategy.
Our strategy team can audit your exiting CMS solution. This includes identifying issues, areas for future improvement and developing a plan to achieve your goals.
cms support.
The awesome. philosophy is to create a partnership with our clients. Once your CMS solution is up-and-running, we would be delighted to provide support, maintenance services or add additional features to your system.
Your benefits:

Our complete range of content management software means you can choose the solution that's right for you. As each system we create is unique, the benefits are too. The main benefits you can expect from our services include:

  • Cost efficiency - Spend your budget effectively by only paying for the features you need, no unnecessary expenses.
  • Simple yet powerful - Keep your website up-to-date with fresh content, knowing you are supported by a powerful back-end.
  • Enhanced security - Building a solution from scratch means there’s no reliance on third party plugins. Plugins often become vulnerable if they’re not kept secure with frequent updates.
  • Scalability - Off-the-shelf CMS platforms use a one size fits all approach, leaving you stuck once you’ve outgrown it. Custom CMS can be built to scale with you, or be updated once you have.
Our CMS development team in Barnsley & Sheffield are here to help:
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