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The essentials to launch your new venture!

getting started.

logo, essential website and social media toolkit..

We understand how important it is for new businesses and startups to get their feet off the ground - we've been in your shoes when setting up our own agency. It includes a visual identity you can be proud of, as well as a user-friendly and modern website that looks great on any device.

With our Getting Started packages, we can help launch your new venture in the right direction, with a tailored package made for your exact requirements.

In helping you get started, we work the following essentials in all of our start-up packages as standard, to ensure that you have the basics covered:

77 new businesses are formed every hour in the UK. We help you make yours stand out from the crowd.

your brand logo design

custom logo design
Choose from one of two carefully crafted bespoke logo designs, designed by our in-house experts.
flexible and scalable design
Remain instantly recognisable across every channel and wherever your audience might be.
design stylesheet
Know your identity colours, font styling and how to use your logo correctly in application.
ownership of final logo
Once the project is completed, we give you control by transferring the rights over to you.

your website

the core pages of your website – home, about, service and contact
All the pages you need to start increasing awareness, promoting your products/services and generating leads.
1 round of revisions
Give us feedback and we’ll make alterations to make sure you’re happy with the final result.
responsive on all devices including mobiles and tablets
Provide the optimum experience no matter what device your customers are using.
custom template created
Template provided so you have the power to add as many pages to your site as you like.
on-page SEO
Achieve maximum visibility in search engine results with pre-installed SEO functionality.
free SSL certificate* and domain setup
We’ll work behind the scenes to make your site fully encrypted, secure and accessible online. *Pingur hosting only
flexible hosting options
You can choose to arrange hosting, or we can take care of your hosting for you to suit your requirements.

social media toolkit

account creation
We’ll get you up and running by setting up profiles for you on social networks.
optimised avatars for major platforms
Maintain your brand identity while engaging with customers.
branded banners for major platforms
Make a bold impression with branded social media banners.

... and from there onwards, it's all about tailoring to what your venture needs!

what's in it for you
making a difference
We care about helping you reach your goals with your startup venture. By partnering with great brands like yours, we combine big ideas with innovative solutions to connect you to your audience to help achieve this.

With our experienced team by your side, we’ll help to unlock your potential through informed decisions and measured risks.

From the essentials upwards, you'll have:
  • An instantly recognisable logo.
  • An established company identity.
  • A professional looking website for capturing leads.
  • Differentiation from your competition.
  • Enhanced credibility and trust.
  • Tools for improving engagement on social media.
spread your payments
go monthly
Our flexible payment plan allows you to spread your investment over 12 months with a 15% deposit upfront.
one-off payment
single fee
Everything you need to get your business off the ground. There are no nasty surprises when the invoice arrives.

see how we've helped other startups.

dumb fox media.
Created a professional logo and custom website for a social media company on the rise.
Produced the branding, website and a digital campaign for a Mac & Cheese dining experience in Sheffield.

it's time to create something magical.

Are you ready to kickstart your next project with a team loaded with experience and great and ideas like no other?

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