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Applying human-centric thinking to technology.

ux design.

Our tried-and-trusted UX Design approach results in real benefits for our clients.

User Experience (UX) Design is at the heart of any digital product these days. Great user experience is the key to making your customers happy. Our researchers, strategists and developers apply our human-centric approach to improve your engagement rate and boost conversions.

We create amazing digital experiences on your website, mobile app, web platform, desktop application and more.

creating intuitive experiences and achieving your goals.
Understanding our client's objectives, developing user journeys and planning a way forward.
Wireframe and digital prototypeprototyping to create an immersive concept of our approach which shows crucial decision making to solve the initial problem.
Impactful custom design and technical build of our concept to deliver a ground-breaking end product.
Launching the product within a client's eco-system and setting a plan to analyse the ongoing impact and outreach of the product with their audience.

what to expect

We immerse ourselves in your business and identify strategies for improvement.
We’ll gain a deep understanding of your goals and form a plan for achieving them.
user journeys.
Potential focus groups and existing customers to find out key user flows and create personas.
insights & research.
We find out how to solve your customer’s needs effectively by researching your products, competitors and users.
concept prototypes.
Wireframes and interactive prototypes help visualise the UX design, customer journey and the product before building.
feeding into custom design.
The UX approach is used to inform the user interface design and aesthetic.
carrying technical builds.
Our in-house team will develop your solution using the latest technologies and in line with the ux concept and custom design guidelines.
testing the ux approach and product.
Testing at every stage of the process, including eye-tracking, A/B testing, focus groups and more.
implementation & ongoing support.
KPIs are measured using analytics and a report is created with actionable recommendations for further improving them.
benefits and partnership options.
your benefits

A research-driven UX project is more likely to convert potential customers, as 75% of consumers judge a website on how nice it looks. The creation of personas also gives you a better feel for your target audience and enables you to tailor content for maximum engagement.

It’s not over until the fat lady sings! We can provide ongoing support for:

  • Maintaining and further developing your shiny new product.
  • Creating strategies to increase awareness among your target audience and conversion opportunities.
  • Adding new areas and features to your product that don’t disrupt existing journeys.