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Renowned worldwide steel engineering company Betafence founded a new segment of their company in 2018 called ESSIA (Engineered Steel Solutions in Industry Application).

Their mission is to provide bespoke and beautifully crafted steel products with expert consultation for their clients. We were approached by Betafence to help launch the new division through brand strategy and identity design, corporate exhibition and marketing design, website development and custom management software for team productivity.

Building the Brand.

Our strategy for ESSIA was to create the identity of the creative mastermind unlocked from Betafence. We created a brand that celebrated the heritage of being a Betafence company, and that led the way to a successful, innovative future.

To reach brand approval, we were required to present a full concept to key stakeholders across the Carlyle Group – the parent company of Betafence. Within this, we demonstrated how the brand would be integrated across corporate exhibition and marketing design, through to signage and vehicle livery.

Product Content

Part of the brand requirements was to promote the products and bespoke services through engaging content that showcased the high quality design and engineering work. Our creative team carried out a series of photo shoots to capture the bespoke products that were placed into a set of compositions that allowed key areas of detail within the work to be displayed.

The results from the content shoot complimented the new brand identity that we had created. In application, the content would appear cinematic and help draw in the viewers attention to what quality and results they would receive when working with ESSIA.

Innovative Digital Engagement.

ESSIA required a compelling story to be told to their audience about their journey so far. We created an innovative web experience site which is designed to engage with the viewer using animation and an interactive user journey. The site featured bespoke content that we created to share ESSIA’s story including on-site video production and photography across their European factories.

With no market-ready solution to fit their team management needs, ESSIA engaged with us to create custom PHP productivity software for the corporate group. We identified their management requirements through several workshops with key stakeholders to recognise the features that the software had to include.

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