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Making better connections with the modern day freelancer


Formed within the successful UK contractor-umbrella company Liquid Friday's portfolio of companies, Penny was created as a professional credit control company to serve as a same-day payments for freelance project work without the 30/60/90 day terms presented by contracts, enabling better cash flow for workers.

With no brand strategy in place, Penny required a full discovery overhaul to define its own positioning and impact in the market, with a way to resonate much better with the target audience than the current market competition. Accompanying this challenge, Penny required our services to provide the UX design to bring their app service to life which would work in responsive environments for their users.

discovering the brand.

We began the project with stakeholder workshops to identify the core values of Penny, understand its features and USPs, and outline the target audience that the service would be aimed at. We explored the market competition and social trends that showcased freelancers financial woes, allowing us to understand the opportunity to make Penny more engaging than their competition.

Our discovery work unlocked the fundamental strategy to form the Penny brand. We created a purposeful mission and philosophy that were married up to meaningful values which verified exactly what their target customers were looking for in the market to solve their problems.

Painting the bigger picture

Our brand identity design for Penny is all about having trust in someone, being positive, and engaging those who interact with it, which is what their business is all about. We crafted a signature logo mark that instills security for what they offer their customers, giving Penny a real identity for their customers to rely on.

The tone of voice that we created for the brand was relatable to the demographic audience and one that was completely jargon free, unlike its market competition. We were able to create a stronger impact across marketing and brand awareness works and our market testing of this language was both well received and married up perfectly to the identity design.

Within the brand identity work, we create a series of customer personas that were produced as Penny characters of which the target audience could relate to.

user driven design.

Our design mantra for the UX design of Penny's app was to keep it effortless, purposeful, and usable anywhere. Our experienced team worked closely with the client to understand the core user journeys and identify modern methods of how the app experience could be most effective in the ways that it would be used.

The app design provided the users clear navigation across the interface and each experience that would be accessed had a tailored design that was cohesive with the overall appearance of the app. We were able to create a structure to the areas within the app that would result in less clicks to make something happen, thus resulting in users not feeling like this would take too much of their valuable time up when needed. After all, it was Penny's job to do all the hard work behind the scenes so that their customers could focus on doing more work and earning more money.

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