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Brand identity, Application & Content

churchfield primary school.

brand identity


Having recently joined Waterton Academy Trust, Barnsley-based Churchfield Primary School were looking for a brand overhaul for a more cohesive identity. Their existing brand identity didn’t reflect the values and heritage of the school, and the logo and brand were being applied in different ways within the school.

The new brand needed to embody the school’s values and vision for the future and communicate the school’s message consistently through various mediums.

Fusing heritage and vision.

We began creating the brand identity with the aim of bringing their values to the forefront of the brand while also developing guidelines around usage, including a redesign of the logo. Produced in a graphic style with dynamic elements, it makes reference to former Olympian (and Churchfield Primary School alumni) Dorothy Hyman — a figure who we felt embodied so many of the school’s beliefs and vision.

Woven throughout the brand identity is an acknowledgement of Churchfield Primary School’s strong heritage while embracing it’s vision for the future.

Stationery & Application Design.

We took the energy and look of the new branding and expanded it across into content and began to apply it to various mediums and materials. This included stationery as well as documents, posters, web assets and the newsletter design. Also, internal signage, ID badges and the uniform — as well a redesign of the school’s PE kit.

Content pieces included a school tour and promo video as well as photography, which will better communicate Churchfield Primary School’s strong messaging to its community. As part of a soft rollout, the staff at the school have already been utilising the new identity and comprehensive branding kit to produce their own materials.

Getting the message across.

Churchfield Primary School is a fantastic example of an organisation that was doing incredible work but under-utilising their brand potential. The school already had a strong set of values, heritage and mission.

Working together, we were able to bring cohesiveness to the brand and its application and put power behind their messaging that will help bring their vision for the future of the school to life.

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