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Corporate Headshots, Photography & Video.


Raising the profile of a global engineering firm with engaging visual content.


Richter are an engineering firm that specialises in temporary works design and supply technical services to civil engineering contractors. They provide services worldwide from their offices dotted all over the globe.

Richter recognised the importance of having a professional web presence and approached us for photography and video production services. This supported their recent re-brand and provided engaging content for promoting their business across various channels.

We planned to capture reportage content on-site and in Richter’s offices, showing day-to-day work within the organisation, as well as staff profile photography and videography for use in promotional campaigns.

Reportage Photography & Video
We built up a collection of reportage content that showed everyday life at Richter, ranging from construction site visits to in-office meetings. The candid photos provided a window into what happens in the different teams at Richter, as well as the overall culture of the organisation.

All our photography services come with expert post-production as standard. This enhances the finer details of the content, ensures the outcome is bespoke to your brand and maximises the photos effectiveness.

The photos were further developed in editing by our expert post-production team. This enhanced the finer details of the content, maximising its effectiveness and providing a bespoke outcome for the Richter brand.
Corporate Overview Video
Our videography team produced a film featuring Roger Tice - Richter’s Managing Director. The video gives an overview of the organisation, the work it carries out and its mission statement.

We scripted and directed the video, going on to capture it with industry-leading equipment. Multiple high-spec cameras were used, as well as production lighting and lapel microphones, guaranteeing the capture of high-quality content.

During editing, we created two formats of the video: a director’s cut and commercial cut. The commercial cut combined our content with stock footage, resulting in a professional video for promotional use. Colour balancing, grading, audio mastering and sequence stitching were all required during the post-production process.

Produced in partnership with Prototype Creative

Video Production and Audio Capture: awesome.
Video Edit, Stock Footage and Direction: Prototype Creative

Corporate Headshots
Professional corporate headshots are important digital assets that increase your credibility and help build a repertoire with customers.

We created corporate portraits for all employees within the business. Directors and Partners were photographed in a studio environment, giving them a more prominent appearance and highlighting their position as the leaders within the organisation. Other members of staff were photographed in their usual office space.
Client Testimonial Videos
Richter’s ability to deliver excellence meant they weren’t short of happy clients that had provided testimonials for their site. However, Richter desired a more visual way to promote their success stories.

Our videography team organised three video testimonials with Richter’s clients to create engaging videos that proved the organisation’s credibility. We held meetings with Richter to establish the content they desired, agreed-upon set questions and filmed their client’s responses.

The footage from the client testimonial was stitched together with examples of Richter’s work, resulting in a captivating video that showcased the benefits of working with them.

By the end of the project, Richter had a large collection of engaging visual content – both photos and videos. We assisted Richter with the distribution of their new assets, providing recommendations to ensure maximum benefit was achieved.

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