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brand identity & film production

tech welcome.

We proudly worked with the Seam to create the brand identity and film for their Tech Welcome grant, supporting tech businesses investing in the South Yorkshire region.

South Yorkshire has incredible things to offer.
One of those things is a home for tech businesses to build something spectacular.

Working with our long-term client The Seam, we supported their latest project for the Tech Welcome Grant that was announced on 24th November 2022 at the South Yorkshire Tech Summit which was held at Barnsley Cineworld with an impressive IMAX screening.

We briefed to produce a campaign brand for Tech Welcome that would help promote its availability to support tech businesses looking to relocate to South Yorkshire, and that created excitement across different applications.
making their mark in sy.
"The aim of the project is to combine with the tech start-up support offer through TEAM SY, to bring the brightest tech and digital businesses to South Yorkshire."

This clear mission helped shape our brandmark and identity approach for Tech Welcome. We wanted to create an iconic visual identity that supported the impact of the funding for businesses looking to access this grant.

Our location pin design combines pathways into the South Yorkshire region and the connectivity strands that SY's eco-system provides for all businesses, entrepreneurs and all-round tinkerers in the tech community.

By incorporating the brandmark into the grant name, we were able to produce a responsive design that could strongly boost the grant's awareness across the tech community.
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it's showtime.

grab your popcorn and relax.

To announce the grant, we were co-appointed with our good pals at eighty to produce a short film with key figures from the SY ecosystem and tech businesses who have moved to SY and seen the benefits of what we have to offer here.

The film project was a thrill to be a part of - from interviews to cinematic drone footage, across 3 weeks we captured the story that would inspire others to access the grant and do great things in SY.

Working on the edit, we wanted to allow the influence of the IMAX premiere to direct our artistic approach. The titles for the speakers and timing of footage cuts were inspired by our favourite film directors and cinema screen moments, and this definitely delivered on the big screens (we even heard some "ooh" and "ahh" reactions).

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