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Corporate Rebrand, UX Design & Website


Increasing positive consumer perceptions by creating a new and engaging brand identity.


Sheffield-based business telecommunications and broadband company U-Telecom approached us to assist in relaunching their business. They wanted to relaunch with a refreshing brand identity that would help them stand out in a crowded marketplace and provide real differentiation from their competitors.

Our aim was to create a fun, engaging and innovative brand to support their ambitions, injecting real character into an industry which is saturated with non-compelling brands and cluttered with jargon as opposed to communicating simply and direct.

Alongside the brand creation, we were asked to create a modern, responsive website and design a sales app experience which would be part of their relaunch, echoing the new brand values and providing a satisfying experience for Wayv’s customers.

Brand creation
We gathered ideas from stakeholders across the business, providing a distinctive picture of who we were representing with the brand and what they stood for.

Our collaborative discovery workshop established a name, tagline and brand strategy for what would be their new brand: Wayv. The Wayv logo mark is a connecting wave, emphasising the waves they are making in the industry, whilst highlighting the connectivity services that they provide for their customers.

The logo mark is injected with a vivid colour palette, designed to grab the viewers' attention and sparking excitement across different mediums.
Brand application
The new brand positioning and visual identity is only half the story. We empowered Wayv with the tools to spread their new identity far and wide. This included branded stationery design such as email signatures, letterheads and invoices.

Wayv staff are always on the road working across the UK, giving them a great opportunity to promote the company’s offering to passers-by. We created custom vehicle signage design, making the vans instantly recognisable and upholding a professional appearance in the community alongside the engineers who would be present in branded workwear.

The brand identity was carried through to Wayv’s new head office in the centre of Sheffield, being displayed through glass screen and wall signage and decals that communicated the brand message and values. The slick décor improved awareness and understanding amongst office staff, who were crucial for maintaining the new image long after the branding project finished.
Responsive website creation & sales app design
Wayv needed a compelling website that could communicate their offering, showcase their differentiation and provide the best experience for customers.

During the user journey identification process, our UX/UI designers realised that users who desired custom solutions should have a tailored experience and an option to build a plan to meet their needs. We developed a custom package-building widget with an integrated contact form to address this. It enables the creation of custom quote requests, which are then sent directly to Wayv for pricing up via their CRM and Sales platform.

A dynamic site structure was developed to give Wayv a user-friendly way to promote many services, with core services at the top of the hierarchy and sub-services neatly listed under each section.

We captured and incorporated engaging content sitewide, including a video hero on the homepage to show the end-to-end service that Wayv provide. The content displays the Wayv team at work, resulting in a much more engaging and trustworthy experience for the user, who see exactly who they are working with

We provided layout design and graphics for use within the third-party sales platform Wayv uses, including HTML templates, CSS styling, sales presentations and custom content. This meant that Wayv could use off-the-shelf software, whilst maintaining their differentiation and visual identity. As a result, users enjoy a seamless experience from the website right through to project completion.
  • Existing customers indicated that the new Wayv brand was more engaging than the U-Telecom brand.
  • The rebrand increased the number of consumer’s that would describe the business as having a ‘trustworthy’ image.
  • Thanks to the package builder, Wayv experienced an uptick in custom-plan enquiries on their website; a high-value offering for the business.
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