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kim arnold

launch video for book release


We were approached by Kim Arnold, an international communication and marketing consultant, to partner on a launch video for her new book, Email Attraction: get what you want every time you hit send.

Kim wanted the launch video to help get news out about the book, while giving readers an inside peek into its themes and content.

The launch video would need to fit seamlessly into Kim’s larger promotional campaign around the book, while getting messaging across and driving sales.

Concept & filming during COVID-19.

When it came to the creative concept we decided to take a positive and humorous approach — while reflecting the snappy style and insights shared in the book. Pre-production, we developed the storyboard which included a concept to work with animations.

Through careful planning, we were able to coach and film Kim virtually over a two-week period with equipment we vetted and then had sent to her home. Despite never having filmed a video remotely we were able to develop a creative working process that got us the footage we needed, alongside content we shot locally.

Bringing it all together.

While filming, we produced a series of custom animations based off Kim’s book content.

Once we compiled all the footage, we began the video edit. This involved mapping out the content as sequences as well as adding in the animations, sound effects and backing music to make the video more compelling and engaging.

Having optimised the video for digital marketing, we also created a series of video excerpts as part of a countdown to launch — building consumer interest as part of the pre-sale strategy.

The finished result.

A successful campaign video & book launch.

Despite unforeseen challenges when it came to filming, we produced an engaging promotional video for Kim’s book, which was released as part of its launch.

While the video was a success, our ability to be reactive and creative despite the circumstances meant that we now have an established and proven process for filming remotely in the future.

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