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how to keep creative & productive during coronavirus.

17th Mar 2020

plan a healthy daily schedule.

Having segments of works in digestible chunks means that even when you're not working in your usual environment, you still have a professional management system in order from the get-go each day to make sure your tasks are completed and on track.

"but what about a shortage in client works?"

take the opportunity to further your skills.

When a crisis calls, it's easy to fall flat and be defeated. Well, it's time to turn that around and boost your skills in other relative areas to help broaden your offering. Push yourself to learn something new that you've been wanting to bring to your A-Game for some time.

support your customers and see how they support you back.

It's not all about take, take, take - it's important to show the love and support for your customers who are also going through a tough time with you. Think about how you can help support your customers from a far and what will make a big impact to keep their spirits high, and be sure to see that they'll show their appreciation back by sticking with you for the long term and sharing their support.

"surerly everything is going to come to a halt, no?"

don’t stop if you don’t have to.

Many businesses and workers will have ongoing work that will not be disrupted from the changes to day-to-day work conditions, and that's something to be both grateful of and encouraged by to ensure that you keep things moving as they were before.

In some cases, you may find yourself picking up new work as other businesses could need your help to keep their own trade going, so this is also vitally important that you keep yourself available if you can.