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oh hi there, Chris!

08th Jul 2022

Meet Chris!

Chris is our Digital Director at awesome.! He leads our dev team, helping to build cool digital experiences, websites and systems. Fun fact: Chris spent ten years working as a professional musician!

what do you do at awesome.?

As a client once said of me... I'm in charge of "deving it up". I lead a small team of awesome. devs in building cool web experiences, websites and systems that perfectly fit our client's needs. I also drink coffee!

- what made you choose this skill/career?

I didn't, it chose me! After an illustrious music career (in my head) for 10 years, I decided to settle down and focus on my second love, programming. I've been coding ever since I got my first A3000 as a child and started writing Basic.

- what are you currently working on?

A cool new CMS, booking systems and some funky in-browser 3d experiences.
- what things have you seen recently that you thought were awesome.?

I have a few other interests other than coding. Ian Hubert has a cool Blender channel on Patreon. His work is fantastic, I recommend anyone to watch his Lazy Tutorials or his short film Dynamo Dream https://youtu.be/LsGZ_2RuJ2A.

- you meet your other version from the multiverse - what do you do and what are you like (explain)?

A mix between James Bond and Magnum Pi, I know it's not much different from me in this universe.

- sum up the awesome. life and what you love about working here

We try to foster an environment where everyone can feel awesome, a good work-life balance and a chance to shine at what you do best. I love that we always look to find an awesome solution to everything we do.

- is there anything you’re looking forward to doing/achieving at awesome.?

Each and every day! New awesome. talks are coming soon. They are going to be sweet!

- highlight moment at awesome. so far?

There are many highlights. The most recent was welcoming the new members of the crew to the awesome family.