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Meet Dylan, one of our awesome. web developers!

01st Jun 2022

- what do you do at awesome.?

I am a front end developer which consists of several things such as building brand new websites from scratch and working on previous projects

- what made you choose this skill/career?

One day I saw a nice looking website and wondered to myself “How did they make this?” So I inspected their code and had no idea what it all meant so I dug deeper into what it all was, this led me down hole of darkness, not knowing where to look for answers, but in the end I found what I was looking for which has took me to this point in time

- what are you currently working on?

A Content Management System (CMS) which allows the client to customise the content on a custom made website

- what things have you seen recently that you thought were awesome.?

The apple website, how the content pops out and moves when you scroll down the page

- you meet your other version from the multiverse - what do you do and what are you like (explain)?

Ended up making a SaSS app to which made me the bill gates of that universe


- sum up the awesome. life and what you love about working here

How time flexible awesome is, work wherever whenever.

- what’s your go to work-song?

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

- is there anything you’re looking forward to doing/achieving at awesome.?

Ending up being better and having more knowledge than when I started

- highlight moment at awesome. so far?

Implementing a website from a design and it turning out amazing