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Meet Jenn, our Freelance Content Editor!

29th Jun 2022

- what do you do at awesome.?

I write all kinds of words for awesome. (and our clients!) while supporting creative strategy and brand development. Also supplying caffeine-fuelled ideas!

- what made you choose this skill/career?

I’ve always loved and worked with words, as well as being creative. I chose this career because my only other skill is bartending and I like sitting down.

- what are you currently working on?

I’m working on a lot of things and they’re all really great. It is a huge mix: from website copy and developing TOV, to working with the design team on exciting brands and more. I love all my tasks assigned by Michelle equally.

- you meet your other version from the multiverse - what do you do and what are you like (explain)?

Other me is Avril Lavigne.

- sum up the awesome. life and what you love about working here

awesome. life is all about being creative, trying new things, drinking coffee and working with really nice people on cool projects. I love everything all about it — and also, it’s helpful for my psychological state to have Michelle to monitor my caffeine-intake.

- what’s your go to work-song?

Recently: I THINK I THINK TOO MUCH! By POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE. Previously: Yesterday by Loyle Carner and so many others.

- is there anything you’re looking forward to doing/achieving at awesome.?

More great clients, more great projects; I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on! Also the inevitable launch of awesome.-branded coffee.

- highlight moment at awesome. so far?

It’s all highlights! I’m dead serious about this.